Role: concept, development & creative direction | Client: Hi & LG | Agency: TAXI Europe

Goal: Telco Hi and hardware supplier LG Mobile wanted to join forces in order to reach young people in four major Dutch cities. The goal was to push sales in the new Hi-stores and promote LG’s latest multimedia phone, the Shine. Our task also included getting free publicity, increasing the use of MMS and creating brand awareness within the target group.
We developed an interactive real-life game, based on early ‘Gotcha-games’. Players were assigned another player as a target, which they had to find and take out by shooting a picture of him or her with their mobile phone. By using MMS to send this picture to MonkeyMurder - the game-master - they could confirm their ‘kill’.

Players could get more information on the whereabouts of their targets, by completing provisional assignments. These were given in all kinds of media.
Players in four major Dutch cities were fighting their MonkeyMurderMystery battle for weeks, using internet, mobile phones and printed media. They received and sent assignments through their mobile and were given clues in printed media as well as on the internet. The end event & battle was featured at MTV.
2x ADCN nominations, 2x Spin Awards nominations, 1x Esprix nominations 
Free publicity on several national and local radio and TV stations (Radio Veronica, TV Gelderland),
in newspapers (Telegraaf, Metro) and on news sites ( and Het Parool)
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