I was commissioned by the agency Isobar for their client, Melkunie.
Along with Jilt Meeder (CD) & Bart Kokke (strategy) of Isobar, we were asked to re-introduce Melkunie.
In Melkunie Cow Bingo fans were asked to select their five favourite real cows from a real paddock. Each cow was wearing a strap around their neck with an ID chip. When the cows left their paddock to get milked, they trigger the scanner to tell the Melkunie Facebook page who left first! In this way the cows themselves were making the bingo draw. Participants could tune-in each day at 16:00 on the Melkunie Facebook page to watch the draw LIVE via the webcam and to see if their five selected ladies were the first to leave. Winners were awarded a pastoral experience amongst the serenity of the cows with Feather Down Farms in the Netherlands.
Results: Within three weeks, we realize 12,000 unique participants. 
Each participant plays about 2 times and plays 3.5 minutes or more on the Facebook app. 
25% of the participants look at the live draw 
60% shares Cows Bingo Card with friends.
Esprix, for „Melkunie Cow Bingo!”
Epica, for „Melkunie Cow Bingo!”
Spin finalist, for „Melkunie Cow Bingo!”
Additional credits: 
Concept: Jilt Meeder, account: Bart Kokke, copy: Martijn de Vreeze, digital production: Code d'Azur, Wenneker
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