Role: concept, art-direction | Client: OLA | Agency: Nickelodeon
Goal: How do we involve children (age 7-12) in the process of making ice cream, while boosting sales?
Concept: We created the story of Meneer de Vries, OLA’s Ice Professor. He drives his truck through the streets at night, while all kids are in bed dreaming. He taps into their dreams and instantly freezes the bits and stores them in his truck. By doing so, he can make very special types of ice cream. Like the famous OLA ‘Rocket’, inspired by a kid who was dreaming of going into space. Children were invited to go online and dream up their own ice cream, using a special ice cream machine. If you had the best dream, OLA would make you your very own ice cream for you and your friends!
55% of the target group visited the site more than twice. 610.000 unique visitors. More than 120.000 icecreams made, 2,5 times the target of the client. 90% of the target group reached. The campaign contributed to a growth in marketshare of OLA incecream in 2009
1 x Esprix for "" 1x AMMA for "" (Annual Masters of Media Awards) 1 x SAN finalist (dutch advertisers award), 1x Gouden apenstaart finalist
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