At The Freeforce we love creative work, and are passionate about sharing this with colleagues and freelancers, 
especially during FREEinspiration nights.

In 2013, I initiated one of the biggest FREEinspiration events to date. The theme was motion graphics. 
We held the event at a cinema in Amsterdam. Everyone worked for free, and all proceeds were donated to our charitable partner, UNICEF

A group of leading motion graphic artist made three special movies for this event, 
to express the vision of The Freeforce.
Special thanks Twannie Huipen for production and the artists for their great help for the event. /// Creative teams / Guido De Ridder, Valentine Kreykamp, Gijs van den Ende, Simon van der Rijdt, 
Jeff Beukema, Paul Kempe, Willemijn de Lint, Ania Markham, Liene Berina, Doma Harkai, Martin Fütter, Mischa Rozema, Justin Schoenmaker, Dave Lenz /// Sound design / Dennis Alvaraz, Lodewijk Pöttker & Guy Amitai (Post Panic movie)  /// Voice over / Ben Putland met dank aan Jaap Wajer & Kim van der Graft
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