Role: concept & art direction Client: Volkswagen Agency: TMF
Goal: One of the main ‘events’ for young people between the ages of 16 and 22, is getting their driver’s license. Volkswagen wants to claim this important moment and launch the new Volkswagen Driver’s License concept, aiming at students and owners of driving schools.

Concept: For young people getting their driver’s license is a big step in their life. But even though it will bring them more freedom, they mostly see it as a struggle. Therefore it would be better to focus on the final goal and make the road to get there more fun. In License to Liberty - shown on TMF in the summer of 2009 – we gave contestants a chance to get their driver’s license. A driving instructor in a Volkswagen took them on ‘one long driving lesson’ straight to their final destination – a holiday location!
Results: The show generated 200 leads of driving schools that wanted to become Volkswagen-driving schools. More than 450 Volkswagen-driving schools took part. Volkswagen agreed to a new series of License to Liberty in 2010. Other countries have also shown their interest in the format
Winner of the SPIN 2010
Winner of the Golden Golden Effie 2010
Winner of the Golden SponsorRing 2009

“A surpising case, showing that a lot of thought has been put into the elements used and the targetgroup to be reached. The jury is impressed by Volkswagen’s results. With License to Liberty Volkswagen strengthens its claim to being the market leader in this agegroup. A brilliant idea, very well executed.”

1 x SAN finalist (SAN is the dutch advertisers award)
Media: Cromo, TV format and online. License to Liberty is a co-operation of TMF, CCCP and Achtung!
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